Mar 14, 2014

Last Day

The house is quiet.  LeLe is sprawled on the guest bed behind me, sighing as she stretches and wakes up, pleased that she has the entire bed to herself.  I hear Cora's sound machine, but her room is quiet and dark otherwise... we've been keeping her up later and later each night to help with the jetlag, so she may not wake for another hour or more.  Our bags are mostly packed.  A few more things in, a few things out, and they will be ready for the final zip. And just like that, here we are: Our last day home.

The day before we leave for China.  My last day in our own home as a stay-at-home mama of my feisty and sweet little girl. 

Read the rest at the Scarlet Threads blog...

(I hope/plan to blog while we are in China on our journey to adopt Alea, and those posts will be on the Scarlet Threads blog.  So if you want to follow-along with us on this journey, please check in there!)

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Anonymous said...

Praying for your new family, Hope to see an update!Congratulations!!!


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