Apr 8, 2010

Talking Head

So this is kind of fun... I did a radio interview on the foster home for a program produced and aired on China Radio International called Voices from Other Lands. According to their website, it's a half-hour magazine show devoted to the experiences of people from around the world who are visiting, living, and working in China. The purpose of the program is to inform as well as entertain, providing insight into China from an international perspective.

You can listen online, but it's about 25 minutes long. 

Can I just say it's weird to hear my own voice?


TanyaLea said...

It's always wierd to hear my own voice, too. When I hear it on video, or even our voice mail, it just doesn't sound like me, to me! ;) But apparently it does to everyone else, so I guess that's what I really sound like. LOL!

Have a blessed weekend!

Coleman's A to Z said...

Carrie I really enjoyed listening to your broadcast! Nice job. :-)


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