Apr 16, 2010

For Jane

I'm a little ashamed to admit my weakness.  But oh these eyes make me melt.

Even when they're staring up at me after having just destroyed my Bible, my husband's wedding gift to me.  (OK, I was mad for several days about that.  And she's still not allowed out of the kitchen when we're not home anymore.)

And Jane, my dear sister-in-law, you have every right to laugh out loud at me.  Oh the depths to which I have stooped.

Me, who brushed aside your dogs... now smitten with my own.  (Miss Trudy Lou does share a shocking resemblance to my shaggy mutt.  Do you think they might be trans-continental cousins?)

There are still some things I haven't done.  I haven't dressed LeLe in a dog outfit.  I haven't referred to myself as "mommy" or Jacob as "daddy."  And I haven't let her kiss me.  And I swear I will never do any of those things!

But I have caught her snuggling with Jacob.  And I have checked to make sure she is still breathing while asleep.  And I have let myself devote an entire blog post to my dog.

I'm not sure who I've become, but I guess there was a dog lover in me all along.  I feel a little goofy.  And the vast majority of my immediate family and friends might be shaking their heads in laughter at the complete 180 I've done... but that's OK.  She makes me happy.  There's room in my heart for her.  :)


Kim said...

I feel a big wet dog kiss in your near future!
Precious post and reminder to NEVER SAY NEVER!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Jacq & Jason said...

Glad you have found your inner dog lover :) She is a cutie!

Tara Anderson said...

I think those eyes would do anyone in...don't be too hard on yourself. :)

Chris and Jane said...

I can't laugh out loud at you, I'm too proud! She's adorable. And much better groomed than either of my dogs are. Haven's kind of stolen the show around here.
We're having a sister-in-law get together next week here in ABQ and it won't be the same without you and LeLe. Even Gloria (Jenny's pug) will be here.
I told Chris that you wrote a blog post just for me and he said, "what's it about?" and I said, "if you were guessing..." he knew immediately. And, I agree with Kim...never say never.
You & Jacob are now one step closer to a puppy/daddy chair.

Love you guys and can't wait to see you!

Holly said...

Embrace the change girl! I'm with Kim...I see a dog kiss or two in your future :)

Jessica said...

I knew I'd see this post soon :)

Dawn said...

Hey, You have my doggies cousin... ;-) My Kye looks like your doggie. I know what you mean... I was not gonna do those things either... I call mine boo boo... I know very sad. I think it is their eyes... they just get ya... So do not worry about it. You seem normal to me. ;-)

in OR.

Sharie said...

I am a HUGE dog lover, but don't have one now for the first time ever! She is about the cutest thing EVER!
Have you shared food? Like an ice cream cone yet? When you've done that you know you're in TROUBLE:)


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