Mar 11, 2009

New Arrivals

Meet Kevin. He has a condition that causes all the organs meant for the right side of his body to be on his left and vice-versa. For most organs, that's not a problem. But for his heart, its a major problem. A reversed heart doesn't work properly. We brought him to Beijing hoping to correct the heart defect, but we've been told by doctors here that they can't treat the condition. We are going to consult with some USA-based cardiologists to see if there is any possible surgical treatment... and then we're going to pray that he is adopted quickly so that he can have a chance.

Meet Kerstin. She also has a very serious heart abnormality, and they aren't yet sure if they can do surgery in Beijing. We have to do an angiogram before they can decide. This little gal is so very blue and so very weak (due to her heart defect). It's sad to see.

Meet Aurora. She's not even 2 months old. She had what we thought was a severe case of spina bifida, but it ended up being somewhat mild (as far as spina bifida goes). She just arrived last week, but we've already done the operation. And she's doing very well. Doctors expect her to have bowel control and use of her legs -- both very exciting things!

Meet Elijah. We thought his heart condition was very minor. But it turns out it is extremely abnormal... doctors have never seen anything like it here in Beijing. But they still think they can operate, and they want to do it soon.


It's a lot of sweet babies that arrived within a short period of time! It's also a lot of brokenness and sadness all at once. It's a lot of dire diagnoses and serious situations. To be honest, our whole staff is feeling a bit nervous and almost overwhelmed over these cases, especially ones like Kevin's and Kerstins. To be honest, we didn't know they were that serious when we accepted them. But, we believe God brought them here for a purpose, and we trust that He will be the one to work miracles in their lives.


Lisa said...

I'll be praying extra hard for you all. Such sweetness and sadness should never go hand in hand. May God show Himself strong on their behalf.

Tami said...

Keeping these little ones in our thoughts and prayers.

Thanks for your email Carrie....I found it in our junk folder (oh no!) Thank goodness I looked!! I just wanted to double check and make sure you received my response;-).

The Hull Munchkins said...

It's always such a blessing to read about the sweet children your home is caring for. I know how difficult it is to care for a sick child, and to see other sick dying kids. The Lord is using you and your husband to further His kingdom through caring for these little ones.

I wish we could adopt them. I wish adoption was more simple (and cheaper). We plan to in the future.

My heart just breaks for these little ones.

Aaron and Erica said...

Hi Carrie,

I believe little Kevin is a child I have been praying for from our agency's individual list? I'm so glad he was moved to your facility so that he can receive the special loving care that you all provide. He and the others mentioned here will be in my prayers until I hear they are with their forever families.

Thank you for what you are doing for these precious children.

In Him,


melissa said...

My prayers are with all these precious children.



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