Dec 9, 2008

It's a Conspiracy

We just got home to the states. In some ways, it is sensory overload. There's a post coming... it's brewing in my head for now... about how torn I feel between two worlds.

But for now, check this out... I've seen it on a few friends' blogs, and I feel like the message is strong. I'm not putting it on here to ask everyone to give to the charity it was made for; I'm really just putting it on here for "food for thought." God will open doors for you to meet needs right in front of you when your heart is in a place of worship, for I really believe that generosity springs from a deep recognition of the incredible gift we've been given.


Mom 2 six said...

Needed some focus thanks !

The Vinyards said...

Great video. That really puts things into perspective. Thanks!

Don said...

Dad agrees with you:

"From the deep gift we have been given"

Yesterday I was talking with a customer's son who will soon have a baby!! They are taking the "classes" right now, as their little one is due in early January!!

I told him how great these classes are, as it got us through 48 hours of the most difficult time of our lives . . . and Dad has been locked up in a mental hospital 5 or 6 times . . . depending on how you measure it :>)

However, I also told him about how the doctor was unable to get you "straightened out", and the emergency surgery . . .

And, I told him I still have not been able to get you "straigntened out" :>)

Love you daughter . . . this one is from dad only . . . though Mom has been the one who had to suffer both I & yourself :>

P.S. This was fun, but the truth of what you said stands:

"From the deep gift we have been given"



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