Nov 17, 2008

Scratch That

This has never happened before... we got a call from Cheryl's orphanage this morning, and they apologetically informed us that they'd made a mistake. They confused her with another child, and in fact, Cheryl is not matched with a family.

Some of you (i.e. Sara!) are extremely quick and observant and already figured this out by looking at our foster home's website! Sorry I'm a slow blogger... it's been a busy morning.

Obviously this is sad news. BUT... I'm expecting great things. We have no doubt that God has a special family planned for little Cheryl, and it is OK to wait. I still hope it happens soon, and I'll continue to pray for it to come through quickly, but I'm learning to really trust that God is always good and faithful. He hasn't forgotten about Cheryl, so I'm not going to worry and fret about it. I'm going to choose to trust Him instead!


Retta said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by our little blog (I'm impressed that you can track readers...I haven't figured that one out yet!). I have really enjoyed reading about your experiences, and it has taken me back to our time in Asia. It seemed like there were opportunities around every corner for ministering to orphans and children there. I will pray for a family for Cheryl!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I will pray for a family for Cheryl. And thanks for your recent comment on my blog. I love your site. I tend to lurk, but I read everything. (I guess you figured that out, huh?) I feel blessed to know you, even through cyber-space.

sara said...

I will try, like you, to trust in His Sovereign plan, and know that He hasn't forgotten about Cheryl.

The Hull Munchkins said...

That is disappointing. We will continue to pray that the Lord place her in the perfect family for her!

Those children are so fortunate to have faithful believers like you, praying for their futures. They know they are loved!!! What an important way to start out in life.

Thanks for the update.

Many Sparkling Gems said...

Waiting is good - I think it should be a tee shirt! Life is Good Waiting is Good!

I have never heard anyone ever say that before. God's plan is perfect! THANK YOU!

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I just know He has the perfect plan for our little Cheryl and so many of the other children too.


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