Sep 17, 2008

Tainted Formula

Some of you have asked, so I thought I'd address the issue of formula on here. A major Chinese formula manufacturer was found to have produced formula tainted with a chemical Melamine, something that makes the milk look more protein-rich. Same thing that was in the bad pet food that made its way to USA stores last year. It is a big, nasty scandal, and since this is China, there is a fairly high chance someone will be executed over it.

At any rate, here at the foster home, we don't use that brand. However, the brand we do use was number 3 on a govt. list of formulas that could have been affected by the incident. Evidently the chemical was added at the manufacturing level, so multiple manufacturers were impacted. Preliminary reports show that the bad batch of formula made by our manufacturer isn't the batch we have, but we're not taking chances. Until the dust settles, we'll be switching to Nestle formula, which so far has not been included in any black lists. Then, if it appears that our formula really isn't bad, then we may go back. In our formula projects, we already used Nestle... so, that isn't a problem.

You all know how expensive babies are. Well we have about 20 under one, and so we will have to buy a lot of new (more expensive) formula, so everyone can say a few prayers for provision for that.


Housekeeping note: Wendy, I didn't realize the email thing was so complicated for people who didn't have Outlook configured. So, I went ahead and wrote our email address out to the side. Now you, and whoever else wants to, can email us! :)

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