Sep 17, 2008

Recent Scenes

This was taken earlier this summer, and half the kids fell asleep while we were swinging... I just thought it was cute, because I don't think we could get many more on the swing!

Jacob has been giving the kids scooter rides. Ben liked it the most, but Ben was adopted this week so now he'll be going on scooter rides with his parents! Anyway, thought this was a cute shot of him getting ready for the ride.

This was taken on our formula trip... laundry hanging out to dry.

A kitten playing in a family's home. Also taken on our formula trip... just thought it was a cute picture.

I love this photo. I took it on the formula trip in a neighborhood far from the "beaten track." This city rarely sees foreigners, and certainly not out in these neighborhoods. These girls were so curious about me...


ww said...

Love these photos! Haven't heard from Jeanette or you yet....just heard about a formula recall in China where many babies have gotten very sick - not sure if the orphanages have been notified yet. Blessings, Wendy

Jill said...

Great pictures! I love the photo of everyone on the swing... so cute! In the last photo, the girls admiring you are adorable!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh Carrie...I am so behind on your blog! I LOVE the picture of everyone asleep in the swing...priceless!

And the little squatting giggling girls in the last picture just makes me smile :)


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