Aug 16, 2008

Bridge of Divide

We call it the “Bridge of Divide.” It is about 8 or 9 kilometers from our village as you go into the city. When you cross the bridge you go from developed to undeveloped; wealth to poverty; BMWs to rickety bicycles; 2008 to 1908. The fact that this bridge is a 30 minute drive from these shops never ceases to astound me.

You've seen pictures on our blog of our village; try to mentally place them in the same place as these pictures (and images of the Olympics you've seen on TV)... nearly impossible, isn't it?

EDIT: I deleted the rest of this post as it probably wasn't the "smartest" thing to put on a blog in this country.


Brian Gallimore said...

Are you going to get into trouble for saying that?

sara said...

I want to see more of the "real" China!! That is what intrigues me the most!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

The real China is very, very sad. It changed my life forever and that doesn't include bringing Lottie home. There are so many who are needy.


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