Feb 22, 2008

Seth 'n Chris

So just wanted to give you an update. Chris and Seth went to the hospital on Friday (not on Thursday as I originally said; the specialist was busy on Thurs.) for their evaluation. We still don't know anything...

For Chris, we'll get test results on Monday and so I'll know more then about what the next step is for his treatment. We are praying that his heart is healing and doesn't need surgery; it has happened before with our kids (several times), and it can happen again.

As for Seth... he had quite the adventure. On Thursday, while playing outside, he got a bit too exuberant in his activities and fell down, bumping his head on a concrete edge. It split open his forehead a bit, and he needed stitches. So, Seth went to the hospital anyway on Thursday for stitches. He's totally fine... and actually looking really cute with this little net skull cap they've put over the bandage to keep him from messing with it... but on Friday the doctors said they wanted to wait to do his evaluation until after he was all better; in the event that his little heart was stressed from all of the adventures of stitches, or the after-effects of antibiotics, etc.

So, Seth has to go back to the doctor later on for his angiogram, blood-work, and other tests... all that to say...

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chicknboy said...

thanks for the update. I'll be praying for both boys.


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