Feb 20, 2008

Big Day

Tomorrow (2/21) Seth will be going to the hospital for a checkup. If all goes well with the checkup, he will stay in the hospital for surgery. This is the big one. I'm not sure what occurs during the surgery, but it is very serious; the last time we had a little boy who had to have the same surgery, he died. It is scary to think of this little one who we love going through the ordeal of a second surgery. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the checkup tomorrow shows he doesn't need surgery? It has happened to our kids before! Please hold him up. Here's a picture of him.


Also, on a less serious note, Christopher (our newest arrival; named after our brother-in-law, in fact) is going in for his checkup to see what needs to be done for his heart surgery. It isn't going to happen quite yet, I don't think... so it isn't as serious as Seth's situation.



Chris & Jane said...

Our church is praying for both Seth and Chris. Let me know as soon as you get word!
Love, Jane

Clay said...

Thinking of them both as we'd appreciate you remembering our own little "Xiao Jun" with the same problems. Pam in Henan

The Byrd Family said...

Holding them way way way up!!!!!!

Sally said...

They are both cute as can be. Thanks for letting us know of their situations so that we can join in prayer. Let us know how things go. Will keep Pam's little one Xiao Jun in my prayers as well.


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