Nov 8, 2007


This dear little girl arrived here less than 2 weeks ago. She has a very serious heart problem; a hole in her heart that is 32 mm big, and a second that is 10 mm. The weekend after she arrived here from her orphanage, she was sent to the hospital because her heart rate never went over 40 (normal is 60-100). Once in the hospital and being monitored on an EKG machine, they've found that it has dropped to 27 on occasion at night when she is asleep, and they have to wake her up to get her heart to pick back up. Needless to say, at about 3 years old, it is amazing she is still alive, and she needs surgery urgently...

So, tomorrow morning (11/9), she'll be having surgery. I'm especially burdened for her, because she was only brought to an orphanage in April of this last year. So, after living with her family for most of her life, she has had her world turn upside down in the last 6 months. Then she was moved from her orphanage to our home, and from there to the hospital within a few days. She has to be traumitized from all of the changes, in addition to facing a life-threatening heart condition and a life-threatening surgery. Please, please, please - keep her in your thoughts and hold her up.

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Chris & Jane said...

We will keep her in our prayers. Let us know how the surgery went.


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