Nov 11, 2007

Olivia - Update

It has been a busy weekend, and we have a lot to share... but I need to get several non-computer things done first. So, it will be a while before I get the posts caught up.

But, I wanted to give a quick update on Olivia... she came through the surgery very well, and the surgery was a big success. They feel like they were able to fully correct the problem, so now she is recuperating. Hopefully she'll be home from the hospital very soon so that she can start getting settled. This is huge, guys... PRAISE HIM!


Chris & Jane said...

I am so pleased everything went well. I hope I'm able to meet her when I'm there. What a tragic story...but He must have special plans for this little one. Like our Hannah. : )

The Byrd Family said...

This is wonderful news...she has been in our thoughts.


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