Oct 4, 2007

Marco Polo

12 Days Until We Leave!

So this morning I've spent some time looking online for maps of Beijing to help us get visually oriented. It is hard to find good ones, but I did find a couple. I've always loved maps, so perhaps I'm the only one who finds this interesting. But, in the event that you'd like to see them too, here are the best I've found:

Subway, Bus Station, Train, and Highway Map - I think this one is useful in getting a sense of where the Subway system actually goes, and since it points out bus stations, that's helpful too! Probably will be a while before we're brave enough to use the bus... :)

Olympic Map - This one is Google-style, which I like. YAY Olympics! I think Beijing hosting the Olympics is going to make our lives a bit easier as they try to cater to Westerners. At least that's my hope.

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Anonymous said...

Please, you must not go to China. Have you prayed about what I am telling you?


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