Oct 2, 2007

How I Lost My Husband

Yesterday after dinner, Hannah was sitting on Jacob's lap at the table and they were playing with playdough. I walked up and gave Jacob a kiss on the cheek. Hannah looked up with her eyes squinted in an obviously "dirty" look and said, "He's MY Jacob... not your Jacob."

From the beaming smile that spread across my husband's face, I could tell he totally agreed.

And that, my friends, is how I lost my husband to a 4 year old.

Oh, and one more funny story... this morning, Hannah and her Mommy were coming to pick up Jacob and me from my parent's house to go to Amarillo together. She had to get up early to come get us and was pretty tired. She asked Majaunta what they were doing, and Majaunta told her they were going to "pick Jacob and Carrie up and go to Amarillo." Hannah promptly replied, "I can't, Mommy. I'm too tired and they're too heavy!"


Brian Gallimore said...

That is awesome!

I think the "fight for kisses" video applies here:


Chris & Jane said...

Oh no! I think Chris is going to be jealous! Miss you guys!


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