Sep 25, 2007

New Departure Date

Instead of leaving on Oct. 4, we are leaving on Oct. 16. This is because China has national holidays the first part of Oct., and if we arrived on the 4th, it would be like someone coming to the USA on Christmas Day. Not the most convenient time to be settling new arrivals for the locals. It worked out the best for us as well... more time with family and friends.

But, we leave exactly 3 weeks from today! We'll fly from Amarillo to Dallas to Tokyo (where we have a long layover) and then on to Beijing that night. We get into Beijing in the evening.


Anonymous said...

One of you will not return from China, I'm sorry. I do not know either one of you and I felt led to your site to tell you what has been shown to me. Please consider what you are doing.

tystamp said...

what's up with that?
anyway china will be awesome. if you don't like it there you can always get jobs in thai land, south korea,'s been shown to me.

my friend from china told me that on the chinese new year they all sit around and watch TV together in a very strange manner. you should check it out. i remember all the chinese international students here doing that exact thing together.

tystamp said...

oh yeah. watch out for that pollution. geez china is pretty awful on that stuff.


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