Aug 13, 2007

Finally... a rest.

Jacob's schedule at work has been awful. Since April, he has been averaging 65-70+ hours of work a week, and he's lucky to get 1 weekend off a month. This last month has been especially brutal... one week he was working about 18-20 hours a day. Well, this weekend, he got a much needed rest.

We went to the North Shore... a few hours drive north of Minneapolis takes you to the edge of Lake Superior. Our "home base" was Duluth, MN, but we spent all day Saturday wandering up beautiful Highway 61 to a little village called Grand Marais, not too far from the Canadian border. It winds along the coast of Lake Superior, through lots of state parks and the Superior National Forest. This area of the country is seriously beautiful! I had to keep reminding myself that Lake Superior is just a lake and not the ocean. It is so impressive.

We hiked, relaxed, hiked some more, picked wild raspberries, sat by the lake, read our book (Ruthless Trust), took a nap on a blanket in a park, and just enjoyed being outdoors in a place where the summertime high doesn't get much over 80.

Here are a few pics... more can be seen on our photo site. I highly recommend this place as a summer vacation if anyone is looking for new places to go!


chicknboy said...

Praise God for some much needed rest for Jacob! Your "vacation spot" looks so peaceful!

C & J Mckean said...

Hey Guys...I am really glad to see that Jake finally was able to rest. I went to call you guys Friday but Jane told me you were getting some quality time together and to leave you alone. I had a weird sense that we were turning into my parents.
Love you guys.

The Byrd Family said...

Thank goodness he was able to take some time off. As I was reading your post I was thinking I was reading some sort of fairy tale. I have had children for almost 23 years and I can't even imagine picking wild berries and reading a book with my husband. Guess I better get over all of that since we will never have an empty nest now!!! LOL


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