Sep 13, 2011

Da Da Da

So lately Cora has been trying to say Daddy. At first we thought she was just making random sounds, and didn't want to be "those parents." You know, the ones who think every gurgle and babble is a budding treatise on the state of world peace.

But lately, she's become much more intentional about it... When he comes home from work, she'll say it when he walks in the door, and the other morning she was repeating it over and over in her crib as he got ready to go to work. It's funny, she always whispers "da da da" when she's talking to him or about him... otherwise her babbling is quite loud.

After I took this video, I replayed it to make sure the sound worked before uploading. Cora could hear our recorded voices, and she was quiet and listening until she heard me say "Say Daddy" on the video... then she started whispering "Da, Da, Da" all over again. So, I do think this is a legitimate effort at calling out to him. Smart girl. She's well on her way to having him completely wrapped around her finger.

You can catch another one of her "talking games" on this video.  The last week or so, she loves to talk back and forth with anyone who will repeat the sounds she's making.  In the beginning she was doing a bit of that.  It didn't last long in the video, but sometimes the game goes on for quite a while.

Oh, and does she say mama yet? Only when she's whining and crawling across the floor to me. It's never in this sweet and cute little voice.


The Byrd's Nest said...

She is too sweet:) Yes, in our house "Daddy" is just meant for fun things but "Mommy" is needed for comforting, feeding, snuggling and healing all things. Just look at it that way:)

Kim said...

Melt. My. Heart.


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