May 26, 2011

Things I Learn from Cora, Lesson #247

A bath is not considered complete unless it is followed by a clothes-soiling blowout within one hour.


Oh, and I captured her enthusiasm for tasting pickles and cheetos.  We're working on giving her a classy and cultured palate, ya'll.


Laine said...

Oh how I remember those clothes soiling days!
I miss it! BUT I get to keep my friends' 3 month old and yesterday I changed his outfit 4 times just because I wanted to! :)

And Cora, I feel the same way about pickles and cheetos! Bring it on! :) You are adorable!

Valerie and Jeff said...

Huh, I thought only little BOYS did that?!
BTW: I LOVE Murphy's Oil Soap for getting out those baby-blow-out stains. Honest, it works WONDERS!
Cora's a doll! And doing her job teaching you so many of those "valuable" life lessons. :-)


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