Apr 26, 2011

Happy Easter!

From our Peeps to yours.  :)


Kim said...

OH MY STARS. How can Miss Cora continue to get cuter? She is simply beautiful!!!
Thank you for continuing to blog. For continuing to share. For being so honest.
I will confess when you first arrived "home" and everything seemed to return to normal ... I GOT SCARED. I guess that is my biggest fear as I think about our family repatriating next year. I don't want to go back to normal. I am (and we are) forever changed by China and our adventures in Asia. And while there is "no place like home" one of the many gifts of travel has been seeing the world with a different set of eyes. There is more than one way to approach life. I pray we can fight the pull of the rat race, the lure of keeping up with the Jones, redefine our American dream with the life lessons from Asia, and allow our adventures to continue Stateside. Does that make sense?
Sorry to ramble.
Happy Easter.
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

latisha said...

Gabriella had the same Easter dress last year! I love it! What a cute little girl!

Carrie said...

@Kim... It totally makes sense! We're trying to figure out the balance ourselves right now. (I feel like more blogging is needed in my future to share about those journeys.) It isn't easy, but it is good. I'm thankful for the person China made me, even if it is hard right now.

@Tish... awesome! great minds think alike! :) She didn't actually get to wear this one on Easter... I forgot to wash it, and she breaks out really easily if I don't. But guess where I found it?! At this great little consignment shop in Pampa for like $3! Isn't everything more fun when it only costs $3?

Football and Fried Rice said...

Cora is a beautiful little peep! Hope you had an amazing Easter as a family if 3!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I really like how she and the peep match :) did you make her leggings to match the dress?


Carrie said...

@Joan... nope... it all sort of came together independently. My mom and I made the leggings a couple of weeks ago, Cora's other grandma gave her the Peep for Easter, and we got the dress the day before Easter at a little consignment shop in town. It just clicked! :) But I thought she was a vision in teal.

Jenna said...

that is some SERIOUS cuteness! :)

WilxFamily said...

Oh my Carrie! Cora has QUITE the cute little faces and personality! She is so sweet.


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