Dec 13, 2010

On and On

Sing with me:
These are the days that never end... yes they go on and on my friends.

That's what I feel like right now.

I know the doctors told me they felt there's a pretty good chance baby will come pre-Christmas, but the reality is - they don't know.  And I'm not one to dwell on the possibility of it as I don't want to get my hopes up.  So, I've sort of resigned myself to having this baby late.

The latest they'd let me go is the first week of January; at which point they'd induce.  So, in my head, I've shifted my due date to like January 5 or so.  Which leaves me feeling a bit frustrated, because that seems like FOREVER away.  (Three weeks isn't exactly forever, says the rational voice in my head.)

But I'm done being pregnant.

I know how hard pregnancy is for some people.  I know how badly some people want it.  And I'm aware that my attitude stinks at a time when I should be blissfully grateful for how smooth everything has gone up until this point.  Yet in these final weeks, I'm not being the "happiest camper" about everything.  I just want to be on the other side of pregnancy, and at this point it feels like it will never, ever come.  (Overly dramatic, I know.  But I'm blaming pregnancy hormones for the drama.)

So while there is still no baby, I'm still having pretty regular (albeit painless) contractions and was told by yet another doctor that the baby is "fully engaged" (which she said means the same thing as "dropped" - to answer my previous question), so in reality labor could start at any time.  But it also means it could start in 3 weeks.

I've never done well with uncertainty and a lack of a schedule or a plan.

Oh, and the two truths and two lies?
I don't have any swelling and we don't have any final names (weird, I know).  But I can still ride on our scooter (it is a tight squeeze) and I can still use a squatty.  Which by my account means Jill is the winner!  (It's a pretty lame contest when the winner gets no prize.)


Kathy said...

Been thinking of you-and can totally relate!!! My 4 pregnancies -those last few weeks were a killer, particularly when I was contracting regularly(in fact had been in hospital for prem labour with 2 of them at 30-32 weeks!!) They did feel like they went forever-but-'this too shall pass'!! Praying for a joyous and peaceful Christmas whether bubs is out or in! And I think I guessed the right ones too-but I put it on your facebook page instead of your blog!

Donna said...


I will pray for you to be comfortable! Can't wait for your little one to arrive and be placed in your arms! WOW!!!

Love and Blessings!


Gwen said...

Oh, I hear ya on the frustration of the last month or so of pregnancy. It really does drag on and on and on! (But, this too shall pass! ;)
Yes, keep thinking the baby will come in January, and then you may be pleasantly surprised! Or at least not so discouraged if the babe ends up arriving in 2011!
Thinking of you!

Don & Cindy said...

Well Dad was wrong He guessed A and D . He said he could remember my swollen feet . But that was due to the fligt from Dallas to Hawaii at "7 1/2 months" . He did just say that he get the "pink prise anyway"..We are praying for all three of you. Hang in there your little one will be here soon.
Love ya bunches Mom and Dad

afj2016 said...

Thinking about you Carrie! Glad that everything has gone so smoothly so far but I can understand how frustrating it must be. Only a few more weeks!


WilxFamily said...

Oh Carrie...I am SOOOOO with you. The days ARE endless in these last few weeks. I'm hoping for to make it until Jan 8th....but I too am SO DONE BEING PREGNANT.

Let's get on with the show already, right!?

I'm so glad your body and baby is already (my little guy flipped breech last week) to go! Those BH contractions are gearing you up. I have them all the time too.

You are amazing to still be able to use a squatty potty and ride a scooter. Simply amazing, and you Look amazing too. I know you don't feel it, but you do.

In the trenches with ya...hoping we are soon...SOON done with all of this and can soon hold our little ones...even if they have no names!! LOL! (we don't have anything final either..and we know it's a boy)

You are doing great..hang in there! There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and thankfully...we both know it's just a few more weeks...or days. Let's go with days. :0)

Tara Anderson said...

I always marvelled at those women who said they LOVE being pregnant. Me, not so much. :) But the end result IS worth it! Praying for you and that baby of yours, my sweet friend!

Laine said...

I keep checking hoping for that
"The Baby Is Here!" post! Praying for you!

The Byrd's Nest said...

That's pretty awesome that you have no swelling and you can still use the squatty potty!!! I remember when I was pregnant with Elisabeth and they were about to give me the epidural and told me to put my head between my knees. I said, "Where are those?" Not kidding!!!!

Love you girl and praying for a healthy delivery!!!
P.S. And you are entitled to complain a is really uncomfortable!

Jenna said...

Cut yourself some slack....those last weeks of pregnancy are no fun at all, and it's a rare woman who get through those days without complaint or a less-than-stellar attitude! :) You are in good company (Well, if you consider ME good company anyway!) Sawyer was 9 days late, and really, those were the longest 9 days of my entire life. It's all the discomfort mixed with the anticipation of this little person who you will adore with everything you are , but who will also rock your world.

I also hate having no plan or schedule- that's why after Sawyer was born c-section, I just went ahead and had a scheduled C-section with Chloe. Somehow, it made the waiting easier knowing exactly when she would arrive! :)

But, enjoy these last few days as much as you can......your last baby-free days are really something to SAVOR!

Valerie and Jeff said...

Ug, I remember being 9 days late with my first! That was a very long big, big, big 9 days. (Luckily my second and third were right on time!) Thinking about you lots wondering if you are now a family of 3 yet. Hang in there and just anticipate it being January so you can enjoy the holidays.--you will return to a new normal soon and not feel so funky and so very DONE with pregnancy!

Jill said...

Whoohoo, I won! Hey, I don't care if there's no prize. It feels good just to guess something right for once. ;) Besides, our "prize" is over on your side of the ocean right now and we can't wait until we're at the point of counting down days. :) Praying your little one comes safely...and whenever it happens, it will be just the right time.


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