Jul 16, 2010

Going Fast

We're hanging out in Albuquerque with Jacob's oldest brother, his wife, and their adorable 16-month-old daughter Haven.  We're having a great time, but unfortunately time is slipping by far too quickly... we've already passed the half-way point of our trip!!!  :(

Oh well, no time like the present... so I'm going to get back to enjoying present-company.  But I did want to tell you that we've just launched our summer/fall line for Scarlet Threads, and you can participate in our naming contest on the ST blog or even pick up one of the new products if you see something you like.  (Which won't be hard... as everything is adorable.)


TanyaLea said...

I've been thinking of you alot since you've been back 'home'...how I wish I lived within driving distance so I could see you again, but I'm afrain MN is just a tad too far! ;) It would be so fun for Khloe to see you again, too! Enjoy the rest of your time there...refresh and soak in every moment...YOU SO DESERVE IT!!

Big Hugs,

P.S.>> LOVE the new ST line...and those girly dresses are ADORABLE!

Tara Anderson said...

Soak it up while you can!!! :)


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