Apr 21, 2010

Where to Wander

There have been some things posted on blogs recently that I really love...
  • Like this, thoughts from TongguMomma on adoption.  (Disclaimer: I feel a little weird linking her piece because she references something I wrote a while back... but oh well; I feel like she says some important stuff...)
  • Or maybe this one, from Holy Experience, which whispered comfort to my heart always struggling to be perfect..  
  • And then there's this post by a family who lived in Haiti but is back in the states now; wrestling with God as they face pain and suffering.  And finding Him... Her words helps me to see Him all around me.  
  • Or all the pics of my adorable niece Haven that Jane's been posting lately..
That's enough for now... just some corners of the web to which I think you should wander.


Chris said...

Thanks for the 'direction' today!!!


The Ferrill's said...

Wow those were really good, Carrie. I especially enjoyed Tongu momma's post. It opened my eyes!

Sometimes I read all of these wonderful, insightful writings and I feel like I am in the presence of spiritual giants....but then I remember that we're all in this together! Sisters in Christ, in different seasons, different walks, but serving the same wonderful Risen Savior! I have learned so much from reading other people's perspectives. SO MUCH about SO MANY things of God. How grateful I am for people like you who share your heart.

Okay...I love the new aprons. If my figure could look like that in one of them, I would buy one in a heartbeat. I'm SO kidding...I'm going to buy one anyway, or rather, get eight certain someones to buy me one for Mother's Day! :)

Sending AL hugs your way....


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