Feb 3, 2010

A Real Interview

So one of the other places I often write is Grown in My Heart, a unique and diverse adoption network with many different voices.  I love the group of contributors, as they often challenge and stretch my perceptions of adoption.

Anyway, I've never been interviewed before, at least not "just about me," but now I have.  One of my fellow GIMH writers asked if she could interview me for the debut writer profile post on the site.  Anyway, you might find the exchange entertaining... just thought I'd share.

I really like the picture on the post.  But it isn't me.  I only wish my eyes were that color.  ;)


pickel said...

Loved the interview. And, glad you like the image. :)

Kim said...

I totally get it!
As a displaced Texan. As an expat in Asia. As an adoptive Mom. I loved everything about your interview.
I am a new and faithful follower of your blog(s)!
Would LOVE to come visit you in Beijing and volunteer!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Anonymous said...

Well, photoshop could do that to your eyes. ;)

and enjoyed the interview!

The Hull Munchkins said...

Neat interview! I loved what you shared.

And I can totally relate to the things you miss about America (having grown up in China)!! I think having a dryer and bath tub are my favorite things about living here now that I'm an adult.

Having a child with special needs myself, I truly and whole heartedly appreciate your heart for those precious children you work with. The Lord Will bless you!!

Thanks for sharing.


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