Jan 8, 2010

Raegan's Restoration

I'm amazed at the progress Raegan has made.  She's 3 years old, but when she came to us a few months ago, she was in bad shape... Not just physically (another serious heart defect), but emotionally as well.  She wouldn't let us touch her.  She would sit by herself, and her only interaction with others came in the form of spitting, hitting, and trying to bite.

Now she's coming alive.

Her heart is corrected and she's on the road to an even fuller recovery. She's learning sign language that's helping her communicate her needs now.  (It's not that she can't speak -- she just doesn't... one of the many potential consequences of institutional living.)  And she's making enormous progress... in one of the pictures above she's making the symbol for "water."  (Though I think she thinks she's making the ubiquitous peace sign that appears in almost all Chinese photographs.)  We know she'll continue making progress, and probably will be speaking before long...these pics remind me of that hope.

When she came, she wouldn't let us touch her.  A few weeks ago, she was terrified if you tried to get her on your back.  Now she's loving it.

It's a picture of a restoration in process.


Team Heartline said...

Praising God for restoration ... we need it! Awesome photos.


The Ferrill's said...


Chris said...

How wonderful!!!

She looks like she is having a lot of fun....love all her smiles!!!

Tara Anderson said...

Raegan looks great!!! It's such a joy to be able to follow her progress and see her bloom!

Suzy said...

God bless her!

learningtogether said...

It's so wonderful to see her smile!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh what a precious post....God is restoring her in so many ways...He is good.

Football & Fried Rice said...

I can only imagine how SWEET her first words will do! We all need to recognize more of what God is doing in Raegan's life!

Danae said...

Thanks to the little recommendations at the bottom of your posts I came across this. I have tears of heartbreak and joy. The heartbreak is the reminder of our little gal who once was so broken and sad. It pains me to think that of her ever being that broken. The girl you describe I don't recognize. The Reagan in our home is so happy and full of life. The smiles in the pictures I recognize and the tears of joy that I have are for her constant joy and HIS restoration.


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