Jan 3, 2010

Love Like Snow

His love is like the snow.

It is snowing today.  That's highly unusual for a dry Beijing winter, but it didn't stop from dawn to dusk.

It is a dry powdery snow, piled 6-inches deep on the windowsill outside.  If I look closely through the window, I can see individual snowflakes -- perfect crystals piled one on top of another, covering up the death of winter with a spotless and breathtakingly beautiful blanket.

Picture from Meteorology News.

It is extravagant snow… each crystal doesn't have to be so perfect, so unique, so beautiful.  Snow this beautiful isn't utilitarian, it is pure excess.  It could even be considered a waste of cosmic creativity.

But maybe the snow's beauty is meant to remind us of His love… extravagant, unique, creative, excessive, and covering all that is dead and dark with sparkling beauty.  Even in the winter seasons of my life, I can see His love and remain steadfast in all that He promises.


Chris said...

I just love how you see such beauty and love and forgiveness in the simple act of a snowfall!

Thank you!!! This make me 'see' snow in a most amazing way!!!

Football & Fried Rice said...

Well, now that you mention the snow possibly being God's way of showing His love for us - and how we are truly like the dead, brown of winter - I may actually have to pause at the drifts & drifts of white snow surrounding me in this Iowa winter and look at them in a different way!

And OUR snow, like God's Love, will be around forever! (well, at least until April) :)

Jill said...

I love this post, Carrie. I love the way you see God in everything. Beautiful!

Amber said...

How beautiful! I've just started reading your blog and I love it!! I traveled to China on missions 10 years ago and left part of my heart there! :)

Tara Anderson said...

Oh praise Him for His beautiful, EXTRAVAGANT love for us!

Kristi said...

Reading this post brought tears to my eyes! How perfect a way to describe the love of God!

Holly said...

I know. I hate to be cold but I love how snow transforms drab, ugly and barren places into a glistening PURE white!
So like his love!!
hugs from a very uncharacteristically COLD day in the Southeast,

Nora Glenys said...

Very well said. I don't get to see much snow but you make it sound warm and comforting.

The Raudenbush Family said...

"Just as the heavens are higher than the earth, my thoughts and my ways are higher than yours. Rain and snow fall from the sky. But they don't return
without watering the earth that produces seeds to plant and grain to eat. That's how it is with my words. They don't return to me without doing everything I send them to do." Isaiah 55:9-11

Amazing that the snow serves a purpose, but in His extravagance each individual flake is a masterpiece. Thanks for reminding me of this.

The Ferrill's said...

Beautiful, Carrie! What a gentle reminder to see Him in everything! To be thankful in all things...to see His love in all that surrounds us!
Such individual, creative, passionate love! Praise to Him!
Happy New Year! We will hopefully meet you soon!

TanyaLea said...

Wow, Carrie...
You never cease to amaze me with your poetic way of putting such life into words. This was a beautiful, thought-provoking post.

God bless you, Sweet Friend!! <><

Stefanie said...

I love this! Such a beautiful way to see snow, as a lavish gift from our Creator!
I am grateful for your perspective, especially since I'm surrounded by the stuff :)


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