Oct 21, 2009

See You Tuesday

And so we're off...

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...to warmer climes for a few days. A place with mountains and greenery and (hopefully) fresh air.

But even if it is none of those things, it is OK, because we are going to see a friend. A friend who made our life in China so much easier the first year we were here. A friend who was always a phone call away, and never thought any of our requests were too difficult.

We're going to see Ricky. For nearly 2 years, we've promised to visit his hometown and meet his mother, and now we're making good on a promise. (We also get to meet his new girlfriend! Love is in the air!) So until Tuesday, there will be no blogging or email replying or anything else involving a glowing screen and a punchy keyboard.

I'm feeling a little excited just thinking about it.

See you later.  Oh, and while I'm gone, you could listen to this.  Just Courage by Gary Haugen is one of the best books I've read in a long time, and christianaudio.com has it as a free download this month.


TanyaLea said...

Have a safe, healthy and blessed trip!! <><

Happy Travels!

Tara Anderson said...

Have a fun trip!!! It's always nice to get away. :)

Lindsay said...

TELL RICKY I SAY HELLO : ) Awh, I miss him so much! Have fun, and take pictures with him and his new girlfriend! : )

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh have a great trip....so good to see special friends.

Tori said...

Have a great trip. Thanks so much for recommending the book. I just downloaded and will listen. Enjoy your friend and your hubby!!!


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