Jun 16, 2009

Update on Claire

Praise God, the bleeding stopped sometime during the night... without surgery. This morning, she was sitting up, laughing and playing a little bit. Our directors are meeting with a specialist this morning to see if they still need to go ahead with the surgery at this time. But for now, the bleeding has stopped, and we are thanking Him for protecting her last night.

I'll give more info as I have it... right now we don't know many details.


TanyaLea said...

Praise the Lord! I love how HE hears our prayers!!! God is good...ALL THE TIME!!...(I just may break out in song and dance here!! )

AlyAbox said...

Thank you for letting us know! We are continuing to lift her up!
Keep us posted!

Susan said...

So thankful!!! Please give her a big hug from our family who is praying for her in America.

Kathy said...

What a precious little girl. I'm so glad that the bleeding stopped and am praying for Him to continue His healing work in her body.

WilxFamily said...

Praise the Lord!

Mandi said...

Praise God. I will continue to pray for sweet Claire. Please keep us posted.


Lisa said...

Praising God with you!!!!


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