Apr 18, 2009

What Do You See?

My husband never fails to make me laugh.

He's in the process of studying for a test to get his Chinese driver's license. (Brave, I know.) Today he took his vision test. He almost failed.

The test administrator pointed to a letter on this chart and waited for his response.

He said E.

You can imagine the laughter that burst out in the room as she incredulously pointed out, "They're all E's."


Sharie said...

Left E, Right E, Upside down E? Curious.

Holly said...

Okay Carrie...I will laugh when I figure out what he was SUPPOSED to say.........!

Brian Gallimore said...

Carrie, do you think I should feel guilty that my favorite blog entries are the one where you make fun of Jacob?

I miss Jacob.

Jacob and Carrie said...

I guess for our American friends, an explanation would be helpful. We Americans aren't familiar with this chart, but all the Chinese that we tell the story to instantly bust out laughing when they hear that he said "E." Sharie has it - you are supposed to indicate which direction it is pointing. I suppose it makes a lot more sense than a bunch of letters in a country where many people (especially the older generation) don't know the alphabet.

And Brian - you are far too predictable. I can bank on you leaving a comment as long as it is a Jacob post. I think I should probably go back and add tags to the Jacob stories; that way you can have easy access to the funnier moments. :)

Oh, I failed to tell another part of this story. He also had to take a color-blindness test, which he partially failed. It took him forever to see one of the shapes. But, I could have told you that. I can trace his slight color-blindness all the way back to our college days when he would show up for dates in Blue Umbro shorts and this greenish-grayish tshirt with odd geometrical patterns across it. It was a bit embarrassing to go out with him, but I loved him so much, I made the necessary sacrifices. On many occasions I pointed out that the shirt and shorts actually clashed. (I left alone the whole issue of whether Umbros should, in fact, be worn in public.) He insisted then (and to this day) that they matched. A failed color-blindness test won't even serve to convince him that perhaps matching colors is best left to someone else.


I'm finished teasing my husband now. I don't make fun of him. I just gently tease for the mutual enjoyment of everyone who reads the blog.

I am feeling a bit guilty. I might need to make a list of the 100 things I love about my husband. If I do that, you'll have to comment on that as well... just to balance things out and play fair. :)

Brian Gallimore said...

I remember using the "rotated E" eye charts when I was a wee young child, so I know they were around in the USA.

Yes, please add the Jacob tag!

Umbro shorts on a date huh? oh man....

JShannon said...

Haha, I remember these eye charts from Elementary school! You had to use your finger to point which way the "E" was facing.

Girly Girl Mommy said...

Funny! And that does sound brave to go for the drivers license. I'll look forward to driving stories in the future.


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