Mar 6, 2009

Welcome Haven!

So it is official, Jacob and I are really, truly an aunt and uncle... for the first time ever!  

Haven Grace was born to Jane and Chris, and both mom and baby are doing great.  Chris is Jacob's older brother.  If you like looking at pictures of other people's babies, you can see pictures of the newest member of our family at Jane's blog.  

I was really hoping to share my birthday with this little girl... Oh well, guess she couldn't wait a few more days!  

It is moments like these that we'd really like to be a bit closer to our own families!


Lisa said...

I live far from family as well and know how hard it can be to be away from them during special moments. I'll be praying for a special blessing to come your way and for God to remind you of why you are being asked to sacrifice so much.

Congratulations, Aunt Carrie!!!

Chris and Jane said...

happy birthday, tomorrow, auntie. i'm holding haven, thus, all lower-case.

Tami said...

How wonderful! I bet you can't wait to hold that little one in your arms. Hey, I think you and my oldest son share the same birthday....March 8th? Happy Birthday....hope your day is special!


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