Oct 28, 2008

Summer Superstar

It's been a while since we all had our Julia-fix, hasn't it? Lindsay's favorite little firecracker certainly hasn't let up in the last few months! She has so much personality, I can't help but laugh every time I'm around her. This picture was taken the other morning outside of our dental clinic. We were just hanging out and talking... and she wanted me to hang her upside down repeatedly. I love her laugh. It really just makes my day.

There are a couple of other funny Julia stories. The other day, she went on a field trip with the preschool. They had lunch afterward at a restaurant. And let's just say Julia loves to eat. It just might be her favorite thing to do. She ate SO MUCH (as reported by everyone at the table), and when she was finished she stood up, stretched out her belly, rubbed it and groaned quite melodramatically saying (in Chinese), "I ate so much I am going to explode!" Oh, and then she heard that she was going to get a new little foster brother. (Her family is so amazing we're going to place another child in the home.) Unprompted, Julia announced which children she would accept and which ones she would prefer didn't interrupt what has been up until now her starring role in "The Julia Show." Good thing we asked her for her permission. ;)

Her foster mom told us that they gave her a 100-piece puzzle. She needed a little help to do it the first time, but now she can do the whole thing on her own in under 30 minutes! Impressive, isn't it?


Teresa said...

That is really cute... quick question - what happened to the link to your photo album?

Jacob and Carrie said...

Well, I haven't updated the photo album in a very long time, so I took it off. I lost the password to the account, and for some reason cannot retrieve it... So, I just decided to remove the link. Sorry!

sara said...

Julia is adorable! I love watching the videos of her & pray, so often, that she would meet her forever family soon!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

You know I LOVE Julia and have missed posts about her! Thanks for the Julia fix. I could almost see and hear her after she ate that big meal! I pray this child gets a family.

Many Sparkling Gems said...

Okay! How exciting I just stumbled upon your blog! I cannot wait to read more. Much Love, Ashley Perkins

mmw said...

Love your blog. I'm so glad I'm on your list to receive. Glad to know you are well Carrie.. Pray Jacob is also.. Love You Guys a lot..


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