Oct 12, 2008


The real reason that outing was so fun was that we were able to spend the day with some of our closest friends here, Winston and Alison, and their two precious kiddos, Jerry and Jessica.  Their kids crack us up!  They speak quite a bit of English, and the other day Jerry announced to me out of the blue that he wasn't Chinese, but was, in fact, American!  Winston and Alison treat us like family, and they were largely responsible for us getting our scooter back.  :)  Alison and I worked for the same adoption agency, back in the day, and when Jacob and I first came to China, she was the one who happened to be our translator/guide.  Since then, we've been best friends.  And, we have her to thank for little Miss Hannah Joy.  So, we owe so much to them, but mostly we're thankful for their incredible friendship.

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Clay said...

I'm so excited to see Alison. SHe is helping us with our adoption of Lin Xiao Qing. She is a sweetheart.
Hope you feel better soon. Love, Pam


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