Sep 26, 2008

Round and Round We Go

Yesterday Jacob gave scooter rides to all the kids again. Here are some pictures from the afternoon.  Usually when he gives rides, it is only 2-3 kids at a time.  But after a few had a "meltdown" after the last time that they didn't get to go, the preschool teacher suggested that this be the afternoon's activity for all.  He spent about 45 minutes going in circles in the parking lot... about 10 kids in all got rides, and each of them had to go twice, of course.

Emily was all giggles when she got on the scooter with Jacob.

Me and little Annie. I think she is the perfect size to hold. She's a petite little girl, and fits perfectly in my arms!

Notice Brett's finger? He's aiming for the horn even before he got on the scooter. By the second round of rides, all the kids figured out the horn... so it was a loud series of rides. And notice his sunglasses? Aren't those great! He's been wearing them for a few weeks now. :)

Jeremy inspects all the gadgets and instruments and places his hands firmly on the handle-bars. This boy is ready to go!

Brian, this is for you. A side shot of our Haomei... our "Vogue Tasty Rncing" (Note: No spelling errors here! That is exactly what it says!)


sara said...

Little Annie is the perfect size :) I'll bet the kids loved the scooter rides!

Jill said...

How fun! Great picture of you with Annie.

The Byrd's Nest said...

I LOVE it!

Chris & Jane said...

A picture of Jeremy. Yeah! Is he still as naughty as ever? I hope so. : )


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