Aug 7, 2008

Love in a Box

So, last week Jacob and I experienced a first.

Our first care package in the mail! (Lest you think we are neglected, we've had visitors bring us a suitcase full of fun treats... this was just our first time to get it in the mail.) A team had come to serve at our foster home for a couple of weeks, and when they went home they prepared this for us!

It had lots of our favorite snacks in it, and a few surprises, too. Jacob and I went to the post office together, and waited with great anticipation for them to find our box. We sped home, opened it up, and have been enjoying its bounty since.

I know it probably seems silly, but it was just so heart-warming and encouraging to us to get a fun surprise in the mail. Thanks Terri! It's amazing how much love can fit in a box!


sara said...

Having moved away from my family & friends for the first time last year - I can relate with loving the care packages!! Mail is just fun. period. especially when it isn't bills.

The Byrd Family said...

Are those rice krispie treats in there??? Yum!! Carmex is a MUST in China!


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