Jul 7, 2008

Teaching Success

See... Julia really does understand everything. She's a bright little cookie, albeit with a serious sweet tooth.

Seriously, Lindsay has been great, and I know Julia thinks that she is one of the best things to come along all summer... especially when Lindsay showed up today with Yellow Nail Polish -- those are Julia's 3 favorite words in the whole English language. You would have thought Lindsay hung the moon!


Jill said...

I love these videos. Julia's laugh is adorable! I can't wait for October!

The Byrd Family said...

Oh I could just scoop her up and smother her in kisses!!!

Anonymous said...

Listening to her talk is as cute as her laugh. I just want to come over there and bring her home!!

Ross & Bunnie said...

Please keep us updated on her. She laughs just like me! :)


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