Jul 31, 2008

Summer Meltdown

It's hot. And humid.

You know what that means? I think it means "It is time for icecream or some other frozen substance."

So, after lunch the other day, Jacob and I bought all the older kids popsicles. Basically, we were able to buy happiness for 8 yuan. Which is a little over a dollar.

See -- happiness is actually pretty cheap, despite what you may have heard.

Oh, and in the afternoon, we had the brilliant idea to put a water hose at the top of the blue slide on the playground, and then the kids had a water park with an awesomely fast water slide. I really don't think they could have handled much more speed. :)

1 comment:

ww said...

So glad the kids were able to have such a fun time trying to keep cool - thanks for everything you are doing. Wendy


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