Jun 29, 2008

This One's for You, Babe.

So today we had the opportunity to go to McDonald's. When we were eating our cheeseburgers, the most satisfied smile imaginable spread across Jacob's face. He told me that he loved cheeseburgers -- McDonald's cheeseburgers in particular... yes, even McDonald's-in-China cheeseburgers. He was so passionately enthusiastic about it, that this song immediately popped into my head. It's a classic, but it is dedicated to my dear husband straight from my heart. It helps me understand a little more profoundly, just how he really feels about cheeseburgers.

PS: Jacob doesn't frequently check our blog, so if any of you want to send him a note regarding his love of cheeseburgers or this song dedication, you can email him at jmmckean@gmail.com. ;-)

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