Jun 12, 2008

Night at the Egg

We went to dinner and a ballet the other night... quite sophisticated, don't ya think? And you thought life in China was rough....
Not when you have this kind of architecture:
AKA: The National Centre for the Performing Arts (or the egg)
And this kind of dancer:
But grown-up professional ones.
See, don't we look happy?
Ok, that might have been the result of seeing the guy enjoying dinner in a busy restaurant in his PJs...

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Don said...

Dear J&C,

We love the picture on this post . . . juxtaposed with the side bar picture below "View my complete profile "! They remind us how much we love you both . . . but more, how much we love all our children. May God be praised for completing a family in Him . . . including so many who have become so dear to us . . .

In His love and grace . . . and peace . . . Dad & Mom!!


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