May 17, 2008

Trip Home...

So I'm not sure why this is sideways, but Hannah is playing doctor with Jacob.

Jacob combing Hannah's hair after her bath... awww...

Hannah's Ballerina Costume. She was incredibly proud about how beautiful she looked. :)

We really did see more people than just Hannah. We had a wonderful time with everyone. I got to watch my little brother Daniel skate... he's getting really good! We went to my brother Will's wedding to an amazing girl named Jessica. (Now I have 3 sister-in-laws!) And many other things... the thing is, the only thing on my camera is Hannah!

We went to Washington to see my (Carrie's) grandparents. My grandpa was showing Jacob old logging equipment and teaching him how it was used. Logging was my grandpa's work for many years, and he has many great stories.

We went to the ocean... see the starfish in with the mussells! I love the Oregon Coast.

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paminchina said...

A million thank yous for the pictures of Hannah. She's getting so tall and she is still and will always be beautiful. Love, Pam


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