May 30, 2008

If You Thought Mexican Food was Strange...

Some of you may remember that when we first came here, our first Sunday we had lunch at a Tex-Mex restaurant. Many people found that funny... Tex-Mex isn't what one expects in the land of rice and chopsticks.

At any rate, we can now top that... at least I think this is more interesting... a few nights ago, we went and had Ethiopian food! One of our Chinese friends went on an outreach trip to Ethiopia to volunteer in an orphanage. She came back with a love for all things Ethiopian, and a brilliant plan to open up a chopsticks factory in Addis Adaba... to help the poor Ethiopians get out of the "habit" of eating with their hands.


That was her very well-intentioned and honest plan.


Anyway, I digress. She took us to eat Ethiopian food. It was amusing being introduced to Ethiopian cuisine by a Chinese girl. Well, we had it once before, but last time we were with Ethiopians and didn't have to order anything. This time we had to order, so she helped.

Our group, huddled around traditional tables.

Ethiopian food is quite tasty... I think it is like a mix of Mediterranean and Indian food. Good.

Here we are!


Chris & Jane said...

Mmm, it looks yummy. I've only had the Ethiopian bread with meat dish, that looks lots more interesting. Love you guys, Your glutton sister-in-law.

Will Zumstein said...

it looks like little piles of turds with food it tasted better than it ya'll


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