Feb 22, 2008

A Pretend-Play Lesson

Olivia and Savannah
The other day I was in the foster home. Savannah was sitting on my lap, and Olivia came up to me talking rapidly in Chinese. She pretended to hand me something, and I thought she wanted me to "eat" it. So, I did, and told her it tasted very good.

Olivia stopped in her tracks and looked at me with a very confused expression, and Savannah turned to face me with a look on her face that suggested I had said the most bizarre thing.

Savannah clearly understands how to deal with foreigners. She spoke to me very slowly, very clearly, and very loudly. (Isn't that how we often talk to people who speak another language?!)

She said the following to me, all in Chinese, except for the word "yummy," which she said in English. "She gave you money. Money is not yummy!"

When will I ever learn!??


The Byrd Family said...

Ha Ha Ha! They got you! I love children!

Bunnie said...

To the Mckeans:

Through your love for those children in that city, you are doing great things! When you have two minutes without being interrupted, hit play, close your eyes and listen.

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