Nov 30, 2007

Christmas Preparations

With Thanksgiving just completed, the foster home has already begun making preparations for Christmas. Friday was decorating day, and we spent the WHOLE DAY decorating the foster home for Christmas. We aren't even finished yet! Every child has a stocking on their bedroom door; there are 4 big Christmas trees and 3-4 small ones. There are Santa Claus and Snowmen decorations on every conceivable surface, and there's Christmas music wafting through the halls. It really is a beautiful place right now. Plus, the kids had a great time decorating. Enjoy the pictures!

Julia decorating one of the four trees.

Savannah and the "mega-ornament" she created... she was quite proud of it, and hung it on the tree in a prominant spot. During nap time, the ornaments were dispersed a bit more evenly. :)

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The Byrd Family said...

They are just so precious....I just want to squeeze all of them!!!


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