Nov 24, 2007

Chopsticks and Pumpkin Pie

So, I've put up new pictures of the Thanksgiving dinner at preschool on our Flickr site. Aren't the kids just the cutest with their little Pilgrim hats?! And Savannah and Zoe eating their pumpkin pie with chopsticks was just priceless... not to mention how Ben kept getting up for seconds (and thirds and fourths...) on the whipped cream. That's Julia up above, enjoying her mashed potatoes and corn.

Also, there are some pictures of Olivia and some of the babies who Mom has especially loved on. And, there are a few sightseeing pictures...

I think I deserve a round of applause... this makes 4 blog updates and 2 picture site updates in the last few days. YAY Carrie!


The Byrd Family said...

Yea Carrie!!!! I can't tell you how much I love seeing their sweet little faces. I have followed their stories for a long time and WOW! Adah has grown up so much since she first came! Every day with them must be such a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Carrie!!
Way to go. I will be praying for you and Jacob over these next few days as you both travel into new territory. May God continue to bless both of you and those you come in contact with.


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