Oct 14, 2007

Family Time

We have so enjoyed the last 6 weeks with family. We haven't had this much time with them before! (At least not since we were in high school and lived here.) We've been doing so much... we made homemade sausage with my family and grandparents; we took my little brother Daniel to his school's bonfire and had lunch with him at school and have really enjoyed watching him do tricks on his skateboard; we have spent a lot of time with Hannah -- playing at the park, building blanket forts, and watching her dance; we spent the night with Nick (Jacob's brother) and his wife Jenny and watched Blades of Glory. In short, we've just been able to spend quality time with each member of our family. What a blessing as we prepare to leave.

Here are a few pics... I'll add some of sausage making when I get to a computer with those pics.

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