Sep 9, 2007

Finally Photos

Well... life is finally starting to slow down. We've had a whirlwind few weeks... but, we've finally moved out of our apartment and put away our stuff. We were able to say goodbye to many of our Dallas friends, but in addition to a move and a funeral, it was all a little much and Jacob and I were worn out.

But, it is Sunday night and we're having a chance to catch our breath. Right now we are in the living room watching Hannah dance. She brings so much joy to our lives... It is hard to remember life before Hannah. I guess that's how a lot of families feel. Also, thanks for your prayers... she is doing so well. She is a happy little girl and she fits in perfectly in the family.

Well -- enough talk, PICTURES! That's what many of you want... I'll try to share some stories in the next few days. There are a bunch! I loaded them on our Flickr site. Enjoy!


Kayce said...

Such a HAPPY smile!!!

Teresa said...

Does this girl ever not smile??? Every picture I see of her she is laughing and smiling. She is going to be the most spoiled little girl ever... but that is a good thing :)

chicknboy said...

what an absolute JOY to see her smiling as part of your family. :)


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