Aug 6, 2007

They Have Her!

Well, after an eventful trip to China that included multiple delays and a missed flight, Allen and Majaunta made it. Monday morning (Sunday night, USA time) Allen and Majaunta adoped Xiao Ai! Yay!! We haven't heard anything directly from them or seen any pics yet, but according to Pam (Xiao Ai's foster mom), things are going pretty well so far. Please hold them up... this part is always so difficult for the kids and (can be) emotionally and physically draining for the moms and dads. They return to the US on Aug. 15, and Jacob and I get to see Hannah Joy XiaoAi McKean on Labor Day Weekend.

Here's a pic of our little sweetie from a couple of years ago. She's changed a lot, hasn't she!


The Byrd Family said...

She has changed alot and I am lifting them up in prayer. That trip is not an easy one, I will have to say even though Emma's transition has been 10 times harder than Lottie's having her escorted from South Korea to the Austin, Tx airport was awesome!

Sally said...

As I post this, you are probably meeting Xiao Ai as your sister. Amazing. I hope it thrills your heart! I pray all of the family is doing well.


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