Jul 3, 2007

Learning to be Quiet

This morning I was advised by the folks at the place where we will be serving to be a little more discreet about the name of the specific organization in a public place like a blog. As most of you probably know, China is a closed country, and so we must be careful about openly mixing our faith with our activities. Since I can't imagine sharing the plans we have without mentioning God, that means I need to be a little more cautious about identifying where we will be serving.

So, you'll notice that I have removed the name of the organization and the links from this website. Nothing has changed in regards to where we will serving; I just won't be very specific in my postings from this point forward. If you don't know where we will be going, I'd be happy to share -- just email me privately and I'll tell you! To email me, you can use the link at the top left of the blog that says "Contact Us."

I'm a slow learner...

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The Byrd Family said...

It's hard to remember how they are in China. So different from the USA and our freedom of everything...although we have carried that somewhat too far in my personal opinion in alot of areas! We are so excited about your trip and to see how God is going to use you! Hugs, Kim


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